Automotive services

Wear & Tear on Seats, Pet Damaged, Cigarette Burns, Seats & Door Panels, Dashes & Consoles, Vinyl Roofs, Convertible Tops, Carpet, Rips & Tears.

Leather – Vinyl – Plastics – Cloth – Velour – Carpet 

Seats – Door Cards – Steering Wheels – Trim – Center Consoles – Dash

Wear & Tear – Damage – Cuts – Burns – Spills – Fading – Colour Loss

Would you like your vehicle to have that “just out of the showroom” look again?  Color Glo can restore, repair, rejuvenate , and re-color all of the above fabrics and interiors.

Color Glo have repair and restoration solutions that cover your vehicle from the floor to roof and even beyond.

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